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didn't have rgiii but the skins pulled out a win 31-28 what a game. we will listen to what coach harbaugh has to say this morning. those stories a straight ahead on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us on i am megan pringle. charley crowson is off and there are delays this morning. tal bort county and queen annes county on a 90 minute delay because of the fog. >> we have a dense fog advisory until 9 this morning. wouldn't be surprised if the fog advisory is extended because we are talking about visibility less than a quarter of a mile in a lot of spots. we can see the gray shading for entire viewing area. be prepared as you get out there. we are looking at slow travel times and lauren will give you that coming up. but maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry and at least that's what it look like but we have drizzle out there to talk about this morning as well. once that sun comes up, we are going to be dealing with a
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dreary look day and we will have the chance for showers to move in as well and also we have a warm front that's going to move through the area. that's going to warm the temperatures up but we will have a cold front slicing through the area as well. and that's going to make for difficult times as well. because there's a chance for thunder and lightning to move into the area as well. but, this morning, we are talking about temperatures coming in at 46 degrees in glen burnie. that humidity is 100%. so we have saturated air. that's why we are dealing with the fog. we can't hold that moisture and you see it at the surface. and that's what we are going to be seeing every where. so even mount airy 100% with temperatures at 47. and the last stop this morning comes to west friendship. 45 degrees, 100%. that dew point at 45. stepping out the door this morning, the temperatures are above average. you don't need the biggest coat in your closet just take the jacket. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook you have an accident.
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>> reporter: we have several in howard county. and again, that fog is going to be the main issues. reduced advice ability across the region. -- visibility across the region. turn on the low beams. we have a crash on 59 along the northbound lanes at -- 59 along the northbound lanes at -- 95 along the northbound lanes at 3 #. and another one at route 175. problems persister with we have a crash eastbound and westbound 100 at route 10. heading to interstate 70, we have a crash westbound at old national pike. and as we check in and look live right now at 83, you will notice a lot of reduced visibility in hunt valley. you can't see the highway on 83 at shawan road. all the more reason to take it slow this morning. here's what the west side of the beltway looks like. no delays right now on the inner loop or outer loop at liberty road. but fog is going to be a huge factor this morning. so take it slow and expect delays. that's a look at your abc2 sim saver traffic now over to you. two minutes after six. millions in fines but no laws
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were broken. those speed cameras that have caught many of you, it may have caught nothing. how those cameras malfunctioned is being investigated but one law makeer is demanding answers -- lawmaker is demanding answers and sherrie johnson is here to explain. >> reporter: today one lawmaker is demanding answers by bringing other lawmakers together to figure out what's going on with speed cameras. a recent controversy popped up following a state highway administration audit and a number of investigations from local media that showed malfunctioning cameras. this caused erroneous fines issued where no law was broken. with more than 40 million dollars in penalties, levied by the city since they were introduced, legislators want to make sure that the law is being enforced fairly and accurately. there's interest because of the high number of citations to residents in the county and high enough of schools and cameras in baltimore county encouraging city and state law makers to come together to
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ensure the system is operating fairly for children's safety. that news conference will be held today at noon in front of the baltimore city district court in downtown baltimore oncalvert street. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a man was walking on the ramp to route 50 when he was hit by a car. this happened around 8:30 last night and state police say that the glen burnie man is being cpt alive for medical -- kept alive for medical purpose. a 18-year-old from severn was killed on friday night trying to cross solman's island road at west street. at the time of the collision, it was raining very heavily and the victim was wearing dark clothing. the authorities say she was not in the crosswalk and there was no evidence the driver in this case was speeding. a 19-year-old is recovering after being shot in middle river. baltimore county police are not releasing any information about a suspect yet. the teen was shot in the 100 block of kingston road not far from eastern and martin boulvard. the man was taken to shock
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trauma and police say he is expected to survive. police are trying to identify woman's body found in the woods on route 1 in howard county. that victim was found by a man who was walking along the route in laurel on sunday afternoon. police believe that the woman was in her 40s and was reported missing a few weeks ago by a friend. a graduate student at california state university has passed away after a police shooting. campus police responded to a call of an off campus dorm late saturday night. a 38-year-old student vieently attacked an officer. student was shot and later -- violently attacked an officer. the student was shot and later died. five minutes after 6. the dallas cowboys football player charged in the death of one of his teammates is now out of jail. josh brent was released early saturday morning and is charged with suspicion of intoxication manslaughter in the death of jerry brown junior. brown was an outsideline backer for the dallas practice squad. he was 25 years old.
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this is reportedly josh brent's second drunk driving arrest. no doubt about it, it's going to be the topic of conversation at work or anywhere you go. ravens fans are feeling a bit beatened up after the battle of the beltway but it might take a while to recover because the redskins won in overtime 31-28 at fed ex field. and it came down to a field goal. >> disappointing loss. a heck of a football game. congratulations to the redskins getting it done at the end of the game like they did. they deserved the game because of the way they played at the end of the game. we are not disheartened weep understand what we are fighting for. >> we are close -- we were close but it was a back and forth game the whole day, and it was not one we felt we had in the bag. it was one that we thought might come down to the end the whole time and it did. >> next week the ravens play the broncos at home at m and t
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bank stadium at 1:00. it's the holidays and we are looking for a good deal this time of year. but looking for the best bargain can put you at risk. we have a warning from the better business bureau this morning in this week's scam alert. and bringing brownies to your classmates seems like a nice thing to do except police say these were laced with drugs. what happened to students who ate them and now what happened to the two that allegedly baked them. if you are snow lover this will make you jealous. it's beginning to look like christmas in other parts of the country but could any of it be headed our way? >> and we are foggy this morning and mainly dry. but we have showers back off towards the west. i will tell you when those move in our area coming up. >> reporter: fog is a problem across the reg ofnlt it's so -- region. it's so bad at hunt valley you can't see 83 at hunt. and we have several accidents across the region. details coming up on good morning maryland. >> and this is a live picture
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of new york city's times square. let's head up there for today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, t-mobile jones apple. the nation's 4th largest wireless carrier will begin offering the customers the iphone early next year joining other major providers. lack of iphone has been blamed for t-moble's loss of subscribers. the online hotel reviews do matter. cornel university study find a link between good reviews and good sales especially in economy and mid price hotels. says lego lord of the rings has top notch production with dialogue and music from the films. and players can join and leave the game without disrupting it. >> you have a friend that comes over and they want to hop in and enjoy the experience. they can do that and when they are done they leave and you continue from where the two of you left off. >> reporter: the game is available for all major gaming systems. those are your tech bites.
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11 minutes after 6 thanks for joining us on this monday morning. who wouldn't want to use more cash at the holidays. we all do. scamers know it. that's why they are luring you in with promises of the preapproved loans. but abc2 news joce stern sterman has a warning of why you shouldn't buy into this in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: even the best offers come with a price. and at this time of year when you are scraping to pay the bills, you are more at risk for scams. >> targeting us at a time when we are vulnerable we need more cash. >> reporter: angie barnett says people are targeted with bogus holiday loan offers that come into the e-mail and claim you
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are preapproved to get 1,000 bucks. >> they are appealing to people at time when we are shopping and we are not always smart. we are more reacting to emotion. >> reporter: and a quick reaction to try to grab this money could cost you. barnett says you will be asked to follow links and hand over your personal information. but there's a big problem. >> what was very alarming is that it was not a secured website. >> reporter: which puts you at risk for identity theft one scenario chances are the schemers may say you won't qualify unless you put down collateral in the form of cash you wire. barnett says that's not just a red flag and it's illegal because you shouldn't have to pay an up front fee for a loan. >> those are all the warning signs it's a scam and you will never get your,000 dollar loan. >> reporter: you will be giving scamers a hefty holiday gift. joce sterman, abc2 news. a winter storm is moving east across america's heartland and take a look at this video coming from minnesota this morning. more than 150 flights were
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canceled out of minneapolis and police responded to more than 300 car crashes or spinouts. look at the roads. they look so messy and they were working around the clock to keep the roads open. >> the first few shifts are hard but you get into a routine and get used to it and that's just the way it is. >> several big highways around the twin city area closed and at least 16 inches of snow is on the ground in minneapolis and st. paul. so many of you want the winner weather and snow but look at the roads and think maybe not. >> i know. >> you hear about the flights canceled and it looks pretty and it's that time of year. >> exactly. but we are not going to get it. we are going to get cooler air but that's going to bring us back to seasonable levels. we need to drop down well below that. >> what's up with the fog? you think it will be extended later into the day. >> i thinking -- i am thinking that. you can't see the hand in front of your face out there. i believe it will be extended.
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we need to take it easy as we head out and about. make sure to have the low beams on and drive slowly. >> all right. >> let's talk about what's going on right now. across the nation, we can see so we are talking about the snow back in minneapolis. well, let's look at it because that's what's coming down and it's starting to taper off a bit but they were dealing with blowing snow and when you have that you are dealing with blizzard conditions across the area. closer to home, we are going to be dealing with the liquid form of precipitation that's going to be moving in here as we go into the afternoon. be prepared for that as well. we zoom in and we can see what's happening right now. we have a lot of cloud cover out there this morning. and megan was talking about the fog yes, that's there as well. basically fog and clouds at the ground. that's what we are seeing for a while this morning. dense widespread fog across the area. now, this is what's going on in terms of temperatures. this is the one thing i can tell you is good news if you don't want to put the big bulky coat on you don't have to. we can see temperatures at 51
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in blattensburg and chesapeake beach 54 degrees above the high temperatures and that's at 47 where we should be for a high and lows we should be at 30 degrees. we are well above that. good morning bel air. you are coming in at 43. northeast 45. and 47 in galena and 55 in goldsboro and 58 degrees in federalsburg right now. this is what we can expect. warm front will slice through the area this of noon. it's going to keep us mild. we will be cloudy and maybe a few peeks of sunshine. and if we get sunshine in here, we are going to be seeing close to 70 degrees if not 70. then we have the cold front i was talking about that's going to move through and bring in the cooler air. but not the cold air. temperatures will be seasonable 48 to 51 degreesp and then we will see more -- degrees, and then we will see more sunshine headheading into tomorrow. but thursday and friday, that's when we are talking about ample sunshine across the area and this will continue but for today, we are talking about high temperatures coming in at
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65 degrees. and that 7-day forecast, well, it locks like this as we go into time. our next chance for some showers works its way back in here on sunday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. fog is going to be the main concern out on the roads. there's reduced visibility across the region so it's extremely important for you to take it slow. turn on the low beams this morning as you head out. we have several accidents big problems in howard county. we have a crash on 95 along the northbound lanes at route 32. and another crash along the southbound lanes of columbia pike at briggs cheney road you want to watch out for. another crash westbound route 100 at route 10 and another accident on interstate 70 right along westbound lanes at old national pike. and as we check in and look live outside, here on the northwest corner of the beltway, notice a lot of fog at old court road. a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and the foggy conditions will continue here in parkville at harford road.
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traffic moving along. no significant delays on the beltway but fog still going to be a huge issue. so take our advice and take it slow if you are heading out this morning. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. news time 6:17. an outrageous restaurant bill not because of the charge but because of what was printed on it. abc's mark greenblat has the details. >> reporter: rule number one with casinos, the house is supposed to win. the cameo club casino restaurant in stockton california left three women feeling taken in an unusually large way. >> i got the bill and looking at the bill and i was like why does this receipt say fat imirls. >> i was like oh heck no. >> reporter: sure enough there it is. right on the top of the receipt. a bartender named jeff typed in fat girls to keep track of the bill for the table h they asked for an explanation. >> he had a smerk on his -- smirk on his face like it was funny and trying not to laugh. >> reporter: it went from bad
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to worse when they wanted hem to -- them to pay the bill with 25% discount. they declined and the manage are's next offer too. >> he was like i could do 50%. and we are just like are you serious? >> reporter: in a facebook message overnight, the cameo club casino owner maggie lewis apologized saying insulting a customer is intolerable in our establishment. as for jeff, he's now looking for a new job. >> he was busy last night but that's no excuse. >> reporter: jimmy didn't work that night but is trying to clean up the mess. >> i just want to tell them we are sorry for that. and that we will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again. >> reporter: this is the sort of thing that will sting for a while. >> it's like i can see it over and over again. 6:18. this morning's health alert a study on the long-term impact of teen dating violence.
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be physical or emotional, researchers found when you compare to teens reporting no dating violence teen girls victimize by a boyfriend were more likely to smoke drink heavily or feel depressed five years later. teen boys victimized by a girlfriend exhibited moreantisocial behaviors and had more suicidal thoughts. you might wonder when you heart results of this what are the signs to look for. -- hear the results of this, what are the signs to look for. >> does your child come home upset after being with his or her boy or girlfriend. >> they teamed with boston university and surveyed nearly 6,000 teens for the study. two students are facing multiple felony charges this morning. authorities say they brought marijuana laced brownies to school. classmates and professor at colorado university ate the baked goods. 7 people became sick and 3 went to the hospital including their instructor. >> she just kept going in and out of consciousness.
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so she would answer a question and then slump. one can only imagine had she been in the car or with her children in the car when this thing -- when the drugs tarted -- started to take effect what could have been the outcome of this. it's a terrible, irresponsible and reckless act. >> officials say the looming legallation of small a marijuana has nothing to a do with what happened inside the classroom. the national hanukkah menorah was lit on sunday during a special ceremony and thousands of people were there to celebrate. sunday marked the first day and second night of hanukkah. the first lighting of the menorah took place in 1979. some usual visitors at sunday morning service in new york city. pets big a small were on the upper east side church there with the priest and a rabbi who took sometime to bless people's pets. this event is sponsored by the
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aspca. do you have presents to get in the mail? a lot of you do and if you are going to do it today, be prepared to be patient because fed ex says you will have a lot of company. and it seems like an early christmas gift at the pump. prices drop but for how long and why? we will hear what the experts have to say coming up. a can of del monte green beans?
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♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life.
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today is the busiest day of the year for federal express and they expect to ship out 19 million package. if it happens it will seat record for the company. reason for the increase is because more of russ doing our online shopping. you have plenty time to gets gifts to the destination prechristmas delivery is guaranteed through december 17th. you may end up having more money in your pocket that's good news to do a little more christmas shopping and that's because gas prices are dropping. a month ago the national average for a gallon of gas was
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nearly 3.50 and now it's nearly 14 cents cheaper -- cheaper. >> aa's prediction is price should be 3.20 per gallon and 3.40 per gallon. >> i am thrilled. i have to buy gas no matter what. so, the fact it's less is definitely especially now with christmas coming up. >> the average around baltimore is $3.29 and the state average is $3.32. it's 6:25 right now. disbelief and anger. people are reacting to the suicide of a nurse who was duped by two shock jocks pretending tonight queen. will they keep their job? we will hear from them. a plane that crash was found and investigators believe it belonged to a popular american mexican singer. so we have details on what they found and if anybody survived.
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you're watching the station that works for you good morning america. >> are we going to fall off the
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cliff? the latest on the fiscal cliff and why it's so hard for law makers to come to an agreement. >> one bad habit leads to another a study is shedding light on why it may be so hard for your kid to shed pounds. those stories straight ahead on this monday morning. thanks for joining us. and happy monday i hope you had a great weekend. charley crowson has the day off but lynette charles is here with important stuff to tell you because many school districts right now talbot queen annes and kent county are on a delay because of the fog. >> it's because we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 9. i will show you that in a second. we have reduced visibility and less than a quarter of a mile visibility. a lot of spots this morning. so you need to take it easy as you head out and about. along the eastern shore, that's where we are looking at the delays this morning. the fog is going to be with us for an extended period of time. we look at dense fog advisory for the areas here shaded in the gray color. this is until 9 but i would not be

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